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Extract game-changing insights from your data

Cornerstone Insights applies sophisticated predictive analytics to your workforce data, enabling business leaders to answer burning questions about how to better hire, manage, retain and reward employees.

Predictive analytics

Proactively manage your workforce

Predictive analytics allow you to analyze trends in your historical data and identify what lies ahead for your organization. Cornerstone Insights takes it one step further and provides tools to recommend changes and visualize the impact of those changes.

Employee insights

Take action

Obtain actionable insights down to the individual employee. Cornerstone Insights enables managers to reduce risk, have better conversations and take actions that will lead to longer-tenured, higher-performing employees.

Organizational Insights

Be strategic

Cornerstone Insights enables business leaders to be more strategic. You now have the ability to leverage game-changing, real-time insights to improve a business unit's performance or metrics that affect hundreds of employees across many groups and locations.
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