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Cornerstone for Financial Services

Based on successful client implementations and experiences, Cornerstone offers solutions to help financial services organizations strategically manage and continuously develop their talent throughout the entire employee lifecycle.


Financial organizations are transforming their people strategies to ensure success.

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Financial organizations are tasked with adhering to stringent compliance requirements while preparing for emerging technologies such as automation. Develop your employees to ensure they keep current with shifting skill needs while also offering easy-to-track compliance training. Give your people the autonomy, flexibility, and meaning that lead to workplace satisfaction and an impressive portfolio of loyal customers.

Develop your finance team to prepare for the future.

Give your financial services organization a competitive advantage by preparing for the future while keeping up with regulatory requirements. Cornerstone for Financial Services is based on real, successful client experiences, where staff use development opportunities to increase competencies and ensure compliance, all on a secure platform. With Cornerstone technology, attract and develop the right employees who will proactively boost their skills to keep up with changes in this digital age. Allow employees across regions to share ideas and knowledge through organizational changes.  Mitigate organizational risk through compliance training, ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance at all times.

Do all this with Cornerstone, and more:

  • Encourage succession and increase retention with development opportunities that will survive workforce automation.
  • Build a global standard of compliance and certifications by keeping up with continually changing regulations.
  • Use reporting to make data-driven decisions to improve budget decisions and modify training when needed.
  • Measure leadership potential across the workforce to prepare for the future.

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Modern, tailored training boosts employee performance and supports organizational goals.

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Under 1,000 employees?

Find, train, and develop top talent with a solution for growing financial businesses.

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