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We help you Imagine, Build and Grow your Cornerstone solution!

TAMAHRIS helps organizations of all sizes and scale drive true HR transformation and fully leverage Cornerstone’s powerful talent management capabilities.

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About the alliance

People-focused consultancy, TAMAHRIS offers Imagine, Build and Grow services, to guide you on the Cornerstone project journey, from design, implementation to run phase.

How is Tamahris different?
We work and live our core values every day. We will never compromise on the quality of our work. We train and trust our people. We listen and advise what is in our clients’ best interests. We are small and agile enough to deliver in short turnaround time. We are young, and we offer positive energy and flexibility in our services. We have extensive network of experts and we continue to learn and share what we learn with our clients. For the past 5 years, every time we closed a project, we not only gained a satisfied client, we also gained a friend.

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TAMAHRIS is a people-focused consultancy working with businesses to define and implement their HR Technology strategy. While our office is located in Brussels, we operate internationally. We specialize in Integrated Talent Management, with extensive experience in supporting HR change and transformation projects for large multinational organizations. We deliver end-to-end services, from business analysis and to implementation and change management, until you achieve the optimal outcomes you want. Our specific approach allows businesses to grasp the opportunities offered by the latest HR technologies, tailoring what we do to what you need. For more information, visit us at

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