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Cornerstone and skilla have partnered to bring skilla’s interactive Multimedia Training Pills to Cornerstone users to enrich their learning opportunities.

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About the alliance

Through our partnership, Cornerstone and skilla give companies the opportunity to access highly engaging, bite-size eLearning content at the point of need, wherever and whenever that may be. Whether in a taxi, in preparation for an important negotiation, a remote team meeting or performance management processes, or to aid leadership decisions, skilla’s unique microlearning Training Pills can be directly accessed via Cornerstone OnDemand on mobile phone, tablet or computer, or in a blended learning environment.

Partner segments

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About skilla

skilla is an innovative, dynamic eLearning company, the leading provider in Italy, and a fast-growing presence globally. Skilla Training Pills have been designed to accommodate the numerous and differing learning styles we know learners have. Clients particularly value skilla for its distinctive pedagogical method, whereby high-quality content is accessed via multiple different types of media, including cartoons, infographics, technique, self-assessment, art and literature and tutorials, reinforcing the key messages of the course through every medium.

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