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Octily helps you customize Cornerstone – Your business needs transformed into beautiful design and custom functionality

About the alliance

Cornerstone OnDemand is a great choice for your organization. But you know – sometimes configuration alone is not enough to meet your business needs and requirements. We're proud to work with clients like DPDHL, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Electrolux, and many more to help them customize Cornerstone to create their very own Welcome Pages, individual Career Sites, beautiful Forms, Processes, and Tasks for 1.25+ million users. Together with our 360° Positioning & Messaging to improve your Change Management we amplify your employees’ satisfaction.

Partner segments

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About Octily

Octily is a creative studio based in Berlin, Germany. Versatile as its hometown, Octily is well known for its multidisciplinary creativity, pixel perfection, bullshit-free communication, seamless collaboration and 100% commitment to its clients' goals. With roots in development of HR software at ExecuTRACK (2006), a leading role in global corporate marketing at StepStone Solutions (2009) and fundamental responsibility for Lumesse ETWeb's user interface design (2012), Octily is proud to offer its 17+ years of experience in Talent Management solutions as a Certified Partner of Cornerstone OnDemand. Custom Design & Functionality Customize Cornerstone OnDemand based on your business needs & requirements Custom Career Sites Custom Welcome Pages Custom Pages Custom Forms Custom Portal Design Custom Functionality Custom Design Templates Kick-start your users’ experience with beautiful templates Welcome Page Templates Custom Design Essentials Modernize legacy pages and processes Competency Assessment Custom Reporting Get the bigger picture with one-click reports Custom Communication Find the right words to communicate all your new efforts with Cornerstone to internal employees, partners, or the public 360° Positioning & Messaging

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