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Enable, train & coach within Salesforce

Reinvent the way you deliver information to staff, partners, and customers. Cornerstone for Salesforce leverages your Salesforce investment to support more effective learning across, and beyond, your organization.

Put learning where your teams are working

Train your sales, and service teams where they work, Salesforce. Prompt specific content based on records they are working on and out the power to search your LMS right at their fingertips.

Measure your success and focus on what works

Identify top performers, skills gaps in your team, and adapt to changes in the market quickly, all from one comprehensive view of your sales and service organization.

Train with expertly crafted sales content

Start immediately with the expertly-curated Content Anytime sales subscription, use Cornerstone Create to build Microlearning(R) quickly or bring in your own proprietary content. Cornerstone's content tools allow you to pivot your workforce as your market or company change.

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Hable con un experto, que le explicará en detalle las formas en las que Cornerstone puede mejorar su situación.

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